Stereodax Tees

The finest apparel for all you discerning supervillains & classy evil scientists.


Stereodax Tees can be ordered from two separate shop locations: one in the USA and one in the EU. Which shop is cheaper to order from depends on your location, shipping costs, the size of your order, VAT, and import duties. Go to the US Shipping Information or EU Shipping Information help pages for more information.


Every apparel design with up to 3 colours is produced by flex/flock printing. This is a highly durable technique, providing better quality than most shirts you would buy in a High Street store. Designs with more colours and all non-apparel items are produced by digital printing, which is similar to the shirts in a clothing store.


All designs by mynameisRienk for stereodax.com, unless stated otherwise. E-mail リンクです。shop@NOSPAMPLEASEstereodax.com for further inquiries.